dear us: 2022 to 2023

Hi. So, she made it. That was the important part.

2022 had a LOT of ups and downs. we lost [muse’s grandmother] in March, [muse’s family cat] in June, got COVID (though unsure if baby got it), went to QLD to say goodbye to [eip’s grandfather], and had a less than amazing first holiday season together as a trio thanks to muse (eip is saying no, it’s thanks to her stomach issues).

We did celebrate most of Christmas together before going to hospital after baby went to bed, and she spent her first boxing day with [muse’s parents]. We did spend the important part of NYE together too; midnight together in baby’s bedroom while she slept. But we were together, before yet another visit to the ED.

We persevere.

The boys are good. They’re both still here, both still pains in the arse but we love them anyway. [black cat] loves to walk and supervise near baby as she crawls, allows her to pull and tug on him and his collar and overall treats her like a kitten who is learning. [white cat] loves her too…. from a distance. But, he always runs to her aid when she cries. To be fair, they’re both very… brotherly to her.

Right now we are in the dining room, we can see baby asleep on the monitor (poor thing, she’s struggling with teething at the moment so getting to sleep is hard), eip is on her phone of course and boys are meowing loudly and scratching at the flyscreen to get out. They won’t.

eip just read what I said about her on her phone and wants me to apologise. Guess what? I won’t! Mwahahahaha <- rude (eip wrote ‘rude’) no shit, you can tell by the writing I honestly can’t read that. This is the official letter, stop it. no fuk u Children will read this, you *** *** * **** ***

We digress. The future is still uncertain as ever. We have no idea what you will face between now and when you read this. We pray every day our children and family are safe and hope you can tell this page ‘we are’. But for now, Christmas has been packed away for another year, and the magic that goes with it as we start to grind the gears of a new year.

We hope you are well, we hope you are smiling as you read this and we hope you can read the handwriting. Ok. Please subscribe, it costs you nothing and we wish you all the best.


ps from eip: I TOLD YOU SO.

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