by extrapolation, i am the product of a million million stars exploding and planets knocking into each other like marbles. i am the product of space glitter carried by asteroids and meteors swung around the universe by gravity and smacked around like pinballs hitting table features. by extrapolation, i am the product of a million… Continue reading desperation

fragments II: veronica

veronica is a relatively short woman with long black hair that she usually wears in a ponytail. veronica lives with her boyfriend in a big venetian gothic style mansion with light terracotta coloured external walls and black wrought iron railings on the second story windows and balconies. i only know that it is venetian gothic… Continue reading fragments II: veronica

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my dear, dear roxy. you were such a well behaved bird. i know you were raised by someone else but you did your best for me. i tried to learn about birds so i could do my best for you too, and most of the time it went fine. you had a nice big cage… Continue reading roxy


everything about my life has changed, and it seems like such a mess. the crueler part, though, is that it’s been a mess for years and years. factually speaking my life is probably the most ‘together’ it’s been since ever. it seems like there’s chaos underlying all the stability. I haven’t made it through uni… Continue reading next

the third act

in a lot of contemporary media, there’s a three act structure. the first act is called the setup. the setup is where we learn about the characters, their motivations and their backgrounds. there’s usually an awful lot of exposition and scene-setting, and it often includes some groundwork for act two. the second act is called… Continue reading the third act

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dear neighbour

to my dear, anonymous neighbour I cannot thank you enough for your observation that my lawn is untidy. you see, I am stupid and actually thought it looked quite nice. I’ve never been fond of the manicured, monoculture lawn and it was a nice change when I moved out of mum’s house and could let… Continue reading dear neighbour

the (b)right side

there are so many ways for someone to say that it could always be worse. i’m sure you’re familiar: silver linings, count your blessings, “at least you’re not dead”, etc, etc…the thing that bothers me about these sentiments isn’t the delivery. i know the intent is good, but it always feels like there’s an unsaid… Continue reading the (b)right side

fragments I

i’m not sure where this one is. i’m not sure where any of them are, in relation to anything else at least. no country, no city. this one at least was at a beach, somewhere. and it was night. i remember the sound of the waves crashing on the shoreline and the sound of the… Continue reading fragments I

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i don’t know how to put myself together. i didn’t really know that i had to, until someone pointed out the pieces. i used to wonder why everyone else seemed so functional, so that really should have given me a hint. i didn’t pick up on it. i didn’t pick up on a lot of… Continue reading jigsaw


there’s just something about being tired. i’ve been tired for a decade now. it sounds melodramatic, but it’s true. i’ve got medical issues related to sleep and sleep quality, and i’ve worked various jobs which had me up and down at weird hours. another part of the issue was multifaceted. i’ve also been struggling with… Continue reading tired