fragments II: veronica

veronica is a relatively short woman with long black hair that she usually wears in a ponytail. veronica lives with her boyfriend in a big venetian gothic style mansion with light terracotta coloured external walls and black wrought iron railings on the second story windows and balconies. i only know that it is venetian gothic… Continue reading fragments II: veronica

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my dear, dear roxy. you were such a well behaved bird. i know you were raised by someone else but you did your best for me. i tried to learn about birds so i could do my best for you too, and most of the time it went fine. you had a nice big cage… Continue reading roxy


everything about my life has changed, and it seems like such a mess. the crueler part, though, is that it’s been a mess for years and years. factually speaking my life is probably the most ‘together’ it’s been since ever. it seems like there’s chaos underlying all the stability. I haven’t made it through uni… Continue reading next