fragments II: veronica

veronica is a relatively short woman with long black hair that she usually wears in a ponytail. veronica lives with her boyfriend in a big venetian gothic style mansion with light terracotta coloured external walls and black wrought iron railings on the second story windows and balconies. i only know that it is venetian gothic because i had to google it while i was writing this.

the main doors into the house are double wooden doors with heavy brass knobs (that i can reach) and knockers (that i can’t reach). the knobs look like flower bulbs and are cold to the touch. when i open the door, there is a quiet high pitched creak that cuts out when the door is almost halfway open.

veronica greets me from the second story indoor balcony. she is happy to see me. on either side of me are ferns in slim white pots against the wall. there are two small steps down from the entry platform to the foyer proper. beyond that, there is an archway in the wall on each side of the room. i know the archway on the left leads to a corridor which has a bathroom and a laundry where the dog’s bed is, and the archway on the right leads to a corridor which branches off to the home theatre and the garage. past the archways there is a set of sweeping stairs on each side up to the second story. there is a massive chandelier hanging from the roof, which seems from my perspective to be basically hanging from the sky.

i will be staying with veronica over the weekend.

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