dear [redacted]

dear [redacted],

i am quite certain that the reason you have provided for kicking us out of our home, being that your ‘circumstances have changed and you now need to occupy the house’, is bullshit. however, i have no legal or otherwise substantiated grounds to challenge you on the matter.

i wholeheartedly expect to see our former house for rent at 1.2-1.5x the rate we were paying within a month of our vacating the property. either that, or you are kicking us out to allow for an unspecified number of members of your family to move in, and all we did was keep the place warm and pay the mortgage while you waited for them. of course, i realise you are under no obligation to do my family any favours over and above taking care of your family.

however, i ask that you remember the following.

‘your’ house is where my wife and i first slept as legal wedded partners.

‘your’ house is where our first child said her first word, and took her first steps.

‘your’ house is where my dahlias are planted, and they have come back every year for three years.

‘your’ house is where we, and our friends, had game nights, and fires in the fire pit.

‘your’ house is where we talked about our problems, and strengthened our relationships.

‘your’ house is where my wife and i have shared three, almost four, years of work, play, chores, parenting, and overall where we have shared our lives.

‘your’ house was our safe space.

‘your’ house was where we could just relax, and take solace from the pressures and demands of the world.

‘your’ house was where we learned more about who we are. all three of us. me, my wife, and our child.

so i hope your house serves you well, like it served us well.

i hope you remember us.

i hope you understand what you have done to us.

i am under no false pretenses that the house belonged to us simply because we paid the mortgage for it for a time.

but i think it would be beneficial to your overall karmic debt that you remember that your actions affect more than just yourself.

and i sincerely hope for your sake that you have told the truth, and that your circumstances dictate that you must repossess the house.

otherwise may karma have mercy on you and your family.

may you never find the lightswitch when you wake up to pee.

may you always stub the most painful toe when you are navigating the house in the dark.

may you never find a matching sock when you come across a single sock in the washing or drying.

and, provided we are correct and you are in fact lying, may you at least once be inconvenienced in the way we have been. may you have to pack up your whole family, and their lives, and their belongings, and find a way to start again in a new place. may you stress about whether or not you will find a place to live. may you agonise over contracts, and payments, and conditions, and terms, and signatures.

may you suffer as we have suffered.

if you are lying.


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