side note: i really need to remember to avoid taking landscape photos. sorry. they all link to their larger versions so feel free to click on them.

most of the fancy plants here were purchased from and
lithops from

Author: eip

15 thoughts on “garden

  1. You have such a nice garden! I’ve never grown plants myself but it looks like it involves plenty of trial and error. I like the way your plants turned out :3

    1. honestly, i’ve gotten pretty lucky – part of it though is that i planted them with premium soil and have been using fancy-ass fertiliser to keep em growing…
      reminds me, i’ve gotta get another pressure sprayer bottle… and some new pots…

      1. Yo but all of them turned out very nice :3 how old is the oldest? Or do plants not last very long? And do your pets snoop around there?

        1. uhhhhh honestly i dont know how old they are lmao
          yeah, absolutely they do. they don’t mess with them though

  2. so many plant friends, beautiful plant friends. could never get lonely, especially when guests come over like spoods.

    1. well, id like it to be… everything is in pots and theyre not arranged very nicely. but i like the plants themselves 🙂

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