i want you to look very carefully at these lights.

they are a cheap strand of fairy lights in little jars.

they have been constantly lit since july 2021.

my wife hung them up after rushing out to the shops to get a bunch of party things because she forgot my birthday. not that she forgot what date it’s on (that’s my thing, i do that) but that the current day was the date of my birthday. she made up for it later.

they are not rechargeable. they are not solar powered. neither of us have ever changed the batteries. the light in them is so dim it can barely be seen unless it’s dark (hence why the photo is so blurry). but the point is, they’re still on.

how they are still producing light defies explanation. if i am correct in my belief they are using the cheap batteries that came in the package with them.

my wife tried so hard to make my day special to compensate for having forgotten what day it was. she tried so hard to make sure i knew i was loved, and appreciated, and valued, and that her mistake didn’t mean she doesn’t care.

i know it doesn’t make any logical sense, but i like to think some piece of that desire is what is keeping these lights going. somehow all of her intense desire to show me she cares got bottled up in those lights and that’s what’s keeping them going now.

it’s stupid, i know. despite that… it makes me feel a little warm and fuzzy inside.

Author: eip

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