the art of saying goodbye

during our lives, sometimes people will leave. this is the nature of things. our entire existence is rooted in impermanence. we do not exist, for a time we do exist, then we do not exist again. we move in and out of people’s lives, as people move in and out of ours, like a dance that nobody can hear the music for.

I heard a little while ago that people moving through their lives are like lines on a graph plot. if they intersect, they’re bound to move away from each other, no matter how slowly. this means we all have to get very good at saying goodbye.

unfortunately for me, I am not very good at saying goodbye. I think there is a kind of art to it, a certain resolve and tactfulness that one must have when saying goodbye, to really mean it. so far, I’m not very good at it. I find it hard to leave the past in the past, and tend to bring everything along with me. some people would call this “emotional baggage”, and they would be correct. if life was an airline, I would probably need another plane to carry the baggage.

I have struggled with my mental health for a very long time, and have tried to take my own life on multiple occasions. one of the things that really gave me pause for thought in moments like that was how much baggage I would be giving to other people.

and whether they were ready to say goodbye.

can anyone ever be ready to say goodbye?

will I ever be ready to say goodbye?

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