i feel so trapped. the house is so small. i don’t have any space to myself. when i try to spread out and put things where i’d like them i get minimised and shoved into corners.

we took everything out of the roof today and now the rooms are full of more stuff. boxes and boxes and boxes and bags and more bags. of just. stuff.

there is dust everywhere and everything is messy and i am sore. i am stifled. i need space.

i need to be alone. i want to feel like i am a part of my own environment. and currently i do not. the only thing that really feels mine is my room, and even then it’s full of other people’s stuff…

i need to get out. on a more permanent basis than a day trip. this place is killing me. it’s like the walls are closing in.

i want space to be myself. i need space to understand myself.

Author: eip

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