eip’s easy bolognese

this recipe will result in a delicious and saucy bolognese with a smooth texture. serves 2-4 people depending on portions.

  • 500g beef mince of your choice
  • 350g pasta of your choice (I recommend spaghetti, fettuccine or spirals if you’re feeling adventurous)
  • 500ml jar of Dolmio Italian Herbs and Red Wine pasta sauce
  • 100g tomato paste/concentrate
  • Powdered onion
  • Red wine
  • Sugar
  1. coat a large saucepan with a sparse layer of oil, I prefer spray oil for a thin application
  2. cook the mince well (if you notice the mince losing water and mixing with the oil, you can cook this off a bit then drain it)
  3. add the pasta sauce to the mince and mix in
  4. add 2 tbsp of powdered onion and mix in
  5. add a dash (or two) of red wine and mix in
  6. add the tomato paste and mix in
  7. add approx 2 tbsp of sugar and mix in
  8. bring to a low boil on moderate heat, stirring consistently
  9. once everything is mixed in nicely and the sauce has begun to simmer, lower the heat to minimum and let the sauce rest, stirring occasionally to avoid the sauce burning. you’ll notice liquid rising to the top of the sauce between stirrings, as well as small vents of hot air, this is good. it’s cooking off the wine and extra moisture. don’t stir too much or the moisture won’t cook off and the sauce will be watery.
  10. simmer as described above for approximately 30-45min, more if you prefer a stronger slightly more dry sauce.
  11. about ten minutes before you think the sauce is cooked to your satisfaction, cook your pasta. (does this need additional instruction?)
  12. serve as preferred.

part of what makes this so delicious is the pairing of tart, rich tomato flavours offset with sugar to soften the acidity. powdered onion is used to enhance the flavour without the necessity for annoying crunchy bits in the sauce.

suggested variations: try different pasta sauces. add some herbs during the simmer stage. finely chop some vegetables (ie broccoli, spinach, mushrooms) in a food processor and add during the simmer stage. if you’ve got fussy eaters, try chopping them so finely that the sauce hides them. hidden nutrition!

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